Guided By Voices Share "You Own The Night"

According to Robert Pollard, this entire year was supposed to dedicate touring extensively in support of GBV’s 26th album Space Gun.  Focusing all of their attention on such meant that there was going to be no time allotted for recording new batches of songs.  As we all have come to learn one way or another, Pollard and crew are going to go do whatever the hell they want to.
Case in point: GBV is releasing a preview 7” with a-side “You Own The Night” and b-side “Your Cricket Is Rather Unique.”  Both songs will be found on GBV’s next albums that are already finished – the February 2019 double album Zeppelin Over China and February 2020 album Street Party.  (Like we said, the boys can’t help themselves; one could say that it is almost as if they are kids wanting just one cookie before dinner.)
The 7” single, coming out July 20th, can be pre-ordered at the band’s Rockathon Records webstore.   Also available for pre-order is the reissue of the 1998 Robert Pollard solo album Waved Out.   The record has been remastered from the original tapes and will be on blue vinyl with a bonus reproduction of the album’s glossy publicity photo, a 20th-century relic.