Gabby La La Shares New Singles “I Can’t Handle The Truth”, “How I See Myself”

When you look at what Gabby La La has done as a musician and songwriter, you are blown away with her accomplishments. She who studied Sitar and Voice under Maestro Ali Akbar Khan for over ten years. She earned a BFA in Sitar Performance from The California Institute of the Arts in 2001. La La also has worked with notable artists including Les Claypool, P Funk, Bernie Worrell, Prince Paul, Macy Gray, Snoop Dogg, and The Coup. La La has now dropped two new singles that will leave her fans continuing to be obsessed and newcomers clamoring more, “I Can’t Handle The Truth” and “How I See Myself.” Both tracks offer up extensive pop sensibilities and sugary sweet, dreamy vocals. The two singles have been released on Seattle label Inside Voices, which is run by High Pulps own Bobby Granfelt. 

Here’s La La on “The Truth”: “The Truth” is about relationships. It talks about our desires, expectations, commitments and coming to terms with reality but not letting that define us. We can’t control everything in life, but that’s part of the joy and the mystery! Sometimes we have to let go and get swept into the flow of the Universe.”

And “How I See Myself”: “How I See Myself” is a confession. I present myself on social media in a way that hides my insecurities and let’s me be a curated version of myself. In order to become our best selves and reach our potential or find self love, we have to “take the reins” or “Control” of our experiences to make life what we want it to be. We have to make our own rules and believe in ourselves and each other, even if we just met.”

La La made her recording debut with “Be Careful What You Wish For…” on Prawn Song Records in 2005. She toured nationally and also appeared as a member of Les Claypool’s band for several years in support of this album. 

La La has released several recordings with her band Snow Angel, 2 full length albums under her own name, and is thrilled to be releasing a double single on Inside Voices. “The Truth” considers how great the human capacity is to give and receive love and how we are always learning how to love and be together on the journey of life. Her song “How I See Myself” is a meditation on the mask that social media can create and how beneath the filters and the struggle for popularity, we are all just humans looking for acceptance.