Fovea share "Cost Of" from forthcoming LP

The function of the fovea—a cone-laden well within the retina—is discernment of depth and detail. And for New York-based four-piece Fovea, depth and detail are their modus operandi. On the surface you get the giddy whimsy of boy-girl vocal volleys and keyboard quirks, but the more you listen, the further you’ll delve…and the more you’ll perceive. Fans of xx, Stereolab and Stars will find much to love in the band’s aural kaleidoscope as they weave a tapestry of rock, pop, jazz, ambient and psychedelia.
The band is set to release pencil me in, their full-length debut for boutique label Omad on December 8, but you can already listen to “Cost Of” below. Enjoy.