Eleanor Friedberger Shares New Track "Everything"

Eleanor Friedberger releases her new album, Rebound, on Frenchkiss Records on May 4, 2018. Today, she reveals a track from the forthcoming the album called Everything.” Says Eleanor about the song, “I tried to make a pop song about a complicated subject: Everything. People seem to really like the line: ‘I mean two houses please’.”

Rebound takes significant inspiration from Eleanor’s time spent in Greece.  Half-Greek herself, Eleanor frequently traveled to Greece to see family but decided in 2016 to really immerse herself in the culture. She says:

“I spent most of 2016 on the road, and I needed to keep that momentum going. I had always wanted to spend more time in Greece; take Greek lessons and get to know Athens better while hopefully writing some music. After November 8, 2016, I set that loose plan into motion. While friends back home were suddenly becoming politically activated for the first time, it was exciting to be living in a city where protest marches occur on a weekly, or sometimes daily basis. I assembled a band of Greek musicians, played a few shows, learned a few more Greek words, but didn’t get much writing done. It turned out to be more of a reconnaissance mission.

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