Douglas Andrew McCombs Shares Single “Green Crown’s Step”

Ahead of the release of his debut solo album VMAK<KOMBZ<<<DUGLAS<<<6NDR7<<< (Thrill Jockey), out October 21st, Douglas Andrew McCombs has shared the album’s verdant first single “Green Crown’s Step”. Demonstrating McCombs’ intuitive and expressive approach to the guitar, “Green Crown’s Step” is a minimalist moment of calm between the album’s more expansive pieces. Largely improvised, McCombs carefully nurtures initial traces of melody and rhythm into full bloom, tracing shimmering patterns in the air before the piece is whisked away on the breeze just as quickly as it emerged.

The release is part of Thrill Jockey Records’ 30th-anniversary series, which also includes limited-edition releases from Sam Prekop & John McEntire, The Soft Pink Truth, Sally Anne Morgan, The Body & OAA, and more.