Dope Walker Shares “I Just Love Getting Older,” Announces New Album

Dope Walker is a new band of old friends.  It sports Aaron “Lazerbeak” Mader (Doomtree) and Jeff Allen from The Plastic Constellations (TPC), acclaimed solo folk artist William Elliot Whitmore, Joel Anderson from the legendary Ten Grand, and Mike Schulte from Brian Jones and The Pork Tornadoes.

This is the first time that this collection of souls has made music together, but their roots run deep. Twenty years ago, The Plastic Constellations and Ten Grand (then Vida Blue) embarked on what was the first cross-country tour for each of them.  TPC had literally just graduated high school weeks before and were cruising in Aaron’s mom’s Toyota Previa. Ten Grand were mostly still in college and hadn’t yet started their ascent into beloved touring warriors. Will was the merch guy, fresh off the farm in Keokuk, IA, who opened each night with a few songs on his banjo, unannounced.

Dope Walker have officially announced the release of their debut LP Save Save (Modern Radio Record Label), out July 17th and today, they released their latest single “I Just Love Getting Older.”