Dessa Shares New Single "Fire Drills," Announces New Album CHIME

Dessa announces her new full-length studio album, Chime, will be released on February 23, 2018 by Doomtree Records. Having previously shared the anthemic pop of “Good Grief” in October, the Minneapolis artist follows up with a rap-driven single, “Fire Drills.” Of course, the production credits on Chime include fellow Doomtree crew members Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger, and Cecil Otter, as well as composer Andy Thompson and Dessa herself.

About “Fire Drills,” Dessa says, “I rarely address identity politics head-on. “Fire Drills” is one of the few times I’ve written explicitly about the experience of being a woman—in my case, a woman who often travels to faraway places alone. In the lyrics, I tried to include the bodily sensations, the logistical considerations, and the philosophical consequences of the daily vigilance that’s asked of women—to keep their bodies safe and reputations clean.”

Dessa elaborated on the 11-track project by saying, “My life has changed considerably since my last album, Parts of Speech. I now live halftime in New York and I look confident enough walking down the street to be stopped by the occasional tourist for directions. I published my first travel piece for The New York Times Magazine. My grandma, Jeanette—an important voice in my adult life—died. I was invited to record a song for The Hamilton Mixtape, and I got steamrolled by a pretty rough break-up. Industry norms dictate that a pop musician should release a full-length record every year and a half, lest she risk losing the interest of her listeners. Thanks for the patience while I finished this shit.”

Chime Track Listing
1. Ride
2. 5 out of 6
3. Fire Drills
4. Velodrome
5. Good Grief
6. Boy Crazy
7. Jumprope
8. Shrimp
9. Half of You
10. Say When
11. I Hope I’m Wrong

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