Dessa Shares Single “Tyranny”

Solo artist, and Doomtree member, Dessa returns with a new single, “Tyranny” that directs its attention at the executive office. Just a week away from elections, her words jab, pivot and slip, peppering the Commander in Chief with heady lyrics wrapped around his own actions. All this over the sharp Lazerbeak produced beat.

Dessa explains it best:

Working as an indie artist, you get a lot of freedom. You can follow your ideas as far as your imagination will take you, set the parameters of your style, insist on your own aesthetic. Politics, on the other hand, is full of rugged pragmatism–lots of uncomfortable compromises and unappetizing calculations. This election doesn’t provide a perfect presidential candidate, but the choice between them is perfectly clear. Donald Trump has undermined scientific institutions, hampered public discourse with name-calling and deliberate lies, and he has stoked the sort of fear and anger that encourages Americans to understand one another as enemies, instead of fellow citizens. I am excited to cast a vote that will remove Donald Trump from office, moving this country in a direction that values reason, scientific evidence, compassion, and tolerance.