Dear Nora Announces Reissue Of ‘Three States: Rarities 1997-2007’

Dear Nora, the musical project of Katy Davidson (they/them), has announced a limited edition triple LP box set reissue of their long out of print career-spanning compilation Three States: Rarities 1997-2007. Originally released by Magic Marker as a double CD in 2008, Orindal Records is releasing the collection on vinyl for the first time. The box set features 60 tracks, including three bonus tracks, one of which you can listen to today titled “Time Is Now (Autumn Version),” and an 8-page, full color booklet filled with liner notes and archival photos.

Of “Time Is Now (Autumn Version),” Davidson says “‘Time Is Now’ is a song that tells a timeless story from a zoomed-out perspective. The narrator has come to a deeper understanding by taking life lessons into account from a distance. But it’s also zoomed-in. It’s a meditation on the exact present moment, which is constantly arriving and leaving, elusive, but something that we pursue as if it’s the holy grail.I wrote and recorded the song in 2017, intending to include it on Skulls Example, but it just didn’t fit. I recorded a second version in 2019, which is the one that appears on this collection. I recorded this version purposely in the style of Simon and Garfunkel, and I was hoping it would provide the soundtrack to an advertisement. That didn’t come to fruition, so I’m including it on this release.”
Three States: Rarities 1997-2007 is available for pre-order now and due September 18th via Orindal Records. To celebrate the announcement the band is sharing a previously unreleased bonus track from the reissue, “Time Is Now (Autumn Version).”

Katy Davidson (gender pronouns: they/them) is the primary songwriter, singer, guitarist, engineer, and producer for the experimental pop project Dear Nora. They’re 42 and live in Joshua Tree, California. They spend their weekdays working as a commercial music producer, collaborating with composers to create pop, EDM, and hip-hop songs.

Davidson is still active as Dear Nora, though they don’t write as many songs as they used to. Davidson started the band in 1999 when they were young and living in Portland, Oregon. They released a handful of albums throughout the early 2000s, and toured in the USA, Japan, Sweden, and Australia. The Dear Nora live band featured a rotating cast of band members, though oftentimes Davidson played solo. They retired the band name Dear Nora in 2008 and began making music under the names Lloyd & Michael and Key Losers. They also played guitar and keyboards for the bands YACHT and Gossip for a few years, and played bass for Sia at a festival in 2010.

Davidson revived the name Dear Nora in January 2017 when Orindal Records reissued their album Mountain Rock on vinyl. Spurred by the momentum of that release and subsequent tour, they decided to create the first album of new Dear Nora material in a decade, Skulls Example, which was released in May 2018.

Davidson’s music references a spectrum of styles, and they tend to write lyrics with layered meanings that can be interpreted both earnestly and satirically.