Dayglow Announces New Album, Drops Lead Single ”Then It All Goes Away”

Dayglow is returning with another excellent, life affirming new album, People In Motion – out October 7th on AWAL. End to end, these 10 tracks—once again conceptualized, written, played, and produced by Sloan Struble—are delightfully pure, hyper-melodic manifestations of Struble’s desire to steer clear of conflict or drama and offer someone something to love. In an era of music when most songs take a team of co-writers and producers to create, Dayglow’s music remains uniquely Sloan’s – crafted solely by him. 

“Then It All Goes Away” is the exuberant first single and is already a live favorite. Struble harmonizes over catchy claps and the cowbell even gets a moment.  He reflects “I made “Then It All Goes Away” after coming home from my 2021 U.S. Fall tour. I started writing the bassline during my morning coffee and I finished the full composition by the end of the day. It felt so fresh and natural to write-I was just having fun honestly. It felt like a year’s worth of unconscious ideas all came to the front of my brain at once and just spilled out. I was really just thinking of my fans the whole time making it and imagining “how can I make a Dayglow song that feels so familiar, yet feels like a brand new experience entirely?’

“I want everything I create to continue to get better and expand in imagination holistically, from songwriting to concept to production to video. I feel like I’m at a place now as an artist where I know my fans, I know myself, and I know what I want to do with this gift I’ve been given-my vision is now clear and I’m seeing full color.”

People in Motion isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There is a depth to Dayglow here, a real sense that Struble has faced obstacles of his own and chosen to stand atop them. “I make music because I love making it,” said Struble. “I just love recording and producing.” That is the inarguable takeaway of People in Motion, a record about finding something you love and singing about it out loud.

Photo Courtesy: Dana Trippe