Cy Dune Shares New Single “Disorientation (Cut Up)”

Cy Dune shares “Disorientation (Cut Up),” which follows recent singles “Don’t Waste My Time” and “Against Face.” Cy Dune is the explosive, post genre positive punk project of artist/producer Seth Olinsky and the new song is the latest track from Against Face, his new album due March 3 via Lightning Studios. The lighthearted track follows a somewhat similar form to previous single “Don’t Waste My Time,” with the track breaking down half way through and then remixing itself. “It is sort of a meta take on song form that folds the remix into the song itself.” notes Olinsky. “I was also inspired by how House music samples guitars, and wanted to build a punk song that not only had dance elements, but was inherently self sampling as well. This approach leant itself lyrically to the themes of modern, fragmented consciousness, but in bite size, iconic statements more inspired by the glossy, abstracted surface simplicity of Ed Ruscha’s or John Baldersarri’s artwork than by any narrative.”

Sparked by a turn towards the primal, transcendent energy of rock music and informed by his lifelong love of early blues music, Olinsky – the co-founder of legendary underground noise folk experimentalists Akron/Family – has explored Blues, 50’s rock n roll, and 60s/70s proto punk through this unique lens via his Cy Dune project. New album Against Face is a metapunk blast through 20th century art school punk forms mashed together into one hyperreal, hypermodern 18-minute tour de force, and is his first new music since 2019’s album Desert.

Seth’s projects have always had a post genre approach to music making. Collaging  several genres simultaneously to create multi-meaning, and purposefully juxtaposing authentic and pure songwriting sincerity, with self-aware meta-meaning and pranksterism. Take for example Akron/Family’s scope from folk balladry to post jazz improv to the BMBZ project, a pre-meme internet noise take down interpretation of the S/T II album. Nothing was ever as it seemed on any given, first seen surface with Akron/Family, and it took a deeper investigation to find out about the whole story and how all the pieces fit together.