Cy Dune Drops New Single ”Any More”

Cy Dune is the explosive project from artist/producer and Akron/Family founding member Seth Olinsky. Now, he released “Any More,” the latest single from Against Face – a metapunk blast through 20th century art school punk forms mashed together into one hyperreal, hypermodern 18-minute tour de force due March 3 via Lightning Studios. The album also features recent singles “Against Face,” “Disorientation (Cut Up)” and “Don’t Waste My Time,” a track that recently got the remix treatment from South London dance-infused post-punk outfit Talk Show.

Any More” showcases Seth’s thesis of Cy Dune as Energy Music: an ecstatic, polyrhythmic rock freakout that evokes the technicolor post-hardcore spazz energy of Blood Brothers or Lightning Bolt, but set against a crooning vocal in the verse that builds stepwise to a scream in the chorus, and then into an ecstatic cut up free jazz guitar solo.

“My favorite part of this song is how out of control the drums feel – the way that these fast, derailed drums cycle against the slower, almost crooner-like drag of the verse vocals,” notes Olinsky. “The guitar solo is just a sheer jump off a cliff, and I love how it cuts off so sharply into nothingness. There’s an electricity in the song that evokes a wildness and spirit that has an ecstatic, visceral excitement to me.”

Sparked by a turn towards the primal, transcendent energy of rock music and informed by his lifelong love of early blues music, Olinsky – the co-founder of legendary underground noise folk experimentalists Akron/Family – has explored Blues, 50’s rock n roll, and 60s/70s proto punk through this unique lens via his Cy Dune project. Seth’s projects have always had a post genre approach to music making. Collaging several genres simultaneously to create multi-meaning, and purposefully juxtaposing authentic and pure songwriting sincerity, with self-aware meta-meaning and pranksterism. Take for example Akron/Family’s scope from folk balladry to post jazz improv to the BMBZ project, a pre-meme internet noise take down interpretation of the S/T II album. Nothing was ever as it seemed on any given, first seen surface with Akron/Family, and it took a deeper investigation to find out about the whole story and how all the pieces fit together.