Cross Me readies debut EP for Bridge Nine

After touring relentlessly and seasoning and developing their sound along the way, Cross Me are gearing up for the release of their four-song debut Bridge Nine EP. Titled Forever Cursed, these tracks compose a mean, turbulent 10 minutes of hardcore with deep introspection and heavy thrash and metal influences that gives them character and unique flair amid a crowded modern hardcore field.  Listen to Forever Cursed in its entirety now courtesy of LegendsArising, before the EP’s street date on March 11.
Hailing from Milwaukee, Cross Me formed in early 2013, bonding over a mutual love of classic and modern NYHC (The Icemen, Madball, Backtrack). They came out of the gate with their 2014 EP, Paid in Full and last year, the Mind Prison / Content flexi 7-inch, both released on Flatspot Records.  They recently completed a U.S. tour which included an appearance at Midwest Blood Fest alongside Another Mistake, Weekend Nachos, Bent Life and more.