Cody Lawless Shares New Single Featuring Powfu “Friday Night With The Neighbours”

Cody Lawless (formerly KNOWN.), an indie-pop singer-songwriter hailing from Mission, B.C., is sharing his new single, “Friday Night With The Neighbours,” featuring his high school friend and frequent collaborator Powfu. The accompanying music video is directed by Cody and produced by Nicky Films. The song itself brings to mind an air of West Coast, laidback cool, similarly felt on previously released singles “Get There, Stay There” and “Hold My Hand, Maria.” All three of these songs will appear on Lawless’ debut full-length album, Sunshine State of a Happy Camper, due for release June 23, 2023 on MNRK Music Group.

Speaking on the new song and collaboration II with Powfu, Lawless (née Cody James Henn) said, “‘Friday Night With the Neighbours’ is supposed to send you back to your teenage years, that mischievous feeling of sneaking out and being a kid, really experiencing life for the first time. Falling in love, fantasizing about the future, watching the stars on the rooftop. This will be the first song to be released that I’ve produced. I originally had my other friend on the second verse, but when I showed Powfu, he wanted to try a verse on it. It worked much better so we swapped out the verses. Powfu is the only feature on the album. Him and I went to high school together and have been very good friends for years now. Thought it was only right to have him on my debut album.”

Lawless’ forthcoming full-length debut was recorded in Vancouver, and produced by Lawless with KULTARGOTBOUNCE (Powfu, Manila Grey). Sunshine State of a Happy Camper frames Lawless’ heady yet introspective timbre with booming basslines, delicate guitars, and addictive beats. The album explores the tests and triumphs of characters in the fictitious town of San Araya.

The 9-track collection is a deeply personal and introspective work showcasing his growth both as a musician and as an individual with blissful grooves, ear-worm riffs, melodies, and Lawless’s soft falsetto adding a sense of vulnerability and emotional depth. The self-penned sounds on this record include confessional lyrics that hit hard with Gen Z peers.

Speaking on the significance of the album and its themes, Lawless says, “This album, on the surface, is about a small beach town called San Araya, its inhabitants (Maria, Grace, Sally, Dillan, Jenny, etc.) and their struggles and triumphs in life. This album is my story about wanting to break free from where I was in my life during the writing process. All the songs were instrumented, written, and recorded in under three hours each. I like to really just feel the music and the moment.”

“The album is a state of mind,” he continues. “No matter what is going on in life, you can smile and choose to be okay. Sunshine state of mind, bright future, bright mind. The happy camper is you. It’s an indie rock album with ear worm melodies and extremely catchy guitar and bass riffs. High energy songs that carry a fun groove and lyrics that touch on the aspects of young adult life.”

Photo Courtesy: Emily Holmes