New York’s feral icon of the underground, CHRISTEENE, shared another taste of her upcoming new album MIDNITE FUKK TRAIN, out on November 11 via Austin non-profit label Spaceflight Records with the new single “LO PAID RUNWAY MODEL.” As if plucked off the airwaves of a 70’s era AM radio station broadcasting in hell, the song shows a softer side of the artist, as she conducts her affectionately named, and carefully curated, Fukkn Band through a lush arrangement of loneliness. “Itz about tha dark loneliness of tha lockdown, about peeple never answerin their fukkn phones, about lettin go uh those who have drifted, about stolen stank an lost dimes that were once used to call you when you needed real love,” CHRISTEENE explains.

CHRISTEENE also announced BAYBEE CHANDELIER, a collaborative art book with photographer Brett Lindel, to accompany the album’s release. Inside are CHRISTEENE’s personal handwritten narratives and sketches accompanied by Lindell’s striking photos of the artist, as well as an intimate and remarkable centerfold conversation between CHRISTEENE and a 10-year-old named Ollie Nirenberg for Interview Magazine. The two artists spent a great deal of time together creating this work as the world was coming out of lockdown, and the images and text are reflective of the period: exploring themes of childhood objects, loss, perversions, and pleasures. The 6×9 softcover book showcases 64 pages of the artist’s work and will receive a limited release of only 500 copies. 100 copies will be signed and numbered by the artists. Pre-orders are available here.

Aptly titled, MIDNITE FUKK TRAIN sees CHRISTEENE leaving no soul unscathed with shrill, explosive saxophones, crushing guitars, and militant percussion backing her ferocious vocals.
In a nod to Amanda Lear, CHRISTEENE punches through the opening track “ALPHABETS” with words for the children of her generation, continuing her delightful onslaught with lead single “BEAUCOUP MOROCCO,” “GUTT IT,” and a western punk’d “WINSTON,” before shifting cars mid trip with a delirious and dark “I WANNIT ALL,” reminiscent of David Lynch on a ketamine trip. In a surprise turn, CHRISTEENE tickles the ivories with raw, poetic sensitivity in “PIANO SONG,” and continues the trend with today’s “LO PAID RUNWAY MODEL,” only to turn around with full force and drag her freshman track “FIX MY DICK” through the Fukkn Band’ she has gleaned for this powerful and arresting album. MIDNITE FUKK TRAIN will be pressed on a special edition “unhealthy piss yellow” vinyl.