Carkpark Records announce No Cover: 21st Anniversary Covers Compilation

Carpark Records is turning 21 and to celebrate they are releasing No Cover, a compilation featuring 21 Carpark and imprint artists from all throughout Carpark’s history covering fellow labelmates and pushing the already eclectic music into exciting, new territory. 

From its early days as an outlet for the growing IDM scene to releasing the genre-defying music of over 60 artists, Carpark has a lot to boast about in its 21 years of existence. No Cover includes previously unreleased covers by Sad13, Cloud Nothings, The Beths, Emily Reo, Madeline Kenney, Dan Deacon, Johanna Warren, Melkbelly, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, TEEN, and more.

Additionally, Carpark artists The Beths, Cloud Nothings, Fat Tony, and Dent May have collaborated with Collective Arts Brewing for their Audio/Visual series. The series, which aims to broaden their community’s musical horizons, celebrates the intersection of art, music, and beer featuring a record label, four bands, and one visual artist who creates unique art for each band. Carpark’s limited edition Audio/Visual lager is expected to be available in stores in January 2021.