Caregiver Shares Deeply Introspective Single ”Wash”

Sacramento-based musician Caregiver (the new project Lindsey Bitson) has spent a lot of time with her thoughts, reflecting on heartache, substance abuse, and self-discovery. She’s channeled it all into an absolutely dreamy debut album titled Bathing in Yesterday’s Fires

Bitson’s proclivity for emotive vocals and storytelling comes to life in a lush, sonic landscape. The record is a vulnerable exploration of the human condition with mesmerizing production from Jon Joseph that envelops listeners in her experience. The result? A cleansing resolution–cathartic and brutally honest songwriting at its best.

The album’s first single “Wash” offers a candid look into Bitson’s struggles with addiction. “It exemplifies the pain, darkness, and discomfort associated with drug use,” Bitson explains. “It was written during a sort of rebirth through spirituality, sobriety, and contemplative meditation. The subject matter is pretty heavy, so I chose to pair the song with a whimsical and playful Anderson-esque drug trip. It was also one of the only songs on the album that didn’t sound completely sad and serious. I enjoyed the opportunity to have some fun with the visuals.”

Photo Courtesy: Eda Reutov