Beechwood reissues Trash Glamour, shares "I Can't Stop It"

Beechwood’s very first full-length, Trash Glamour, was originally recorded in 2013 when Gordon Lawrence and Isa Tineo were still in their teens. The album was originally a cassette-only release and has been remastered and released on CD and vinyl for the first time via Alive Naturalsound Records. Features photo by legendary rock photographer Brad Elterman.

Lawrence shares the origins of this early effort:

Trash Glamour was recorded with a single microphone in my parents’ basement when we were 17 and 18 years old. At the time we were obsessed with two albums in particular, Raw Power and Exile on Main St. I had this documentary on the making of Exile that we all sat down and watched together before starting the record. We were mesmerized. That was what a band making a record was supposed to be like.

“That, to our teenage minds, was rock & roll. And so, we turned the basement into our version of Nellcôte. We surrounded ourselves with friends, girls, drugs, alcohol and the ideas flowed. I hardly ever remember leaving the basement, though I assume we must have eaten and slept at some point that summer. Things were still fresh at the time, grudges didn’t exist, and things (and substances) that eventually became problems were just being discovered. We had the sense that no one else was doing what we were doing at the time, that rock & roll had become soft with bands with names like ‘The Pains of Being Pure at Heart,’ gimme a break. And so, we made a loud, raw rock & roll record with little regard for “production quality. We pushed our music and our minds into the red, and though it took ourselves almost three years to come down from what began with this record to eventually make Songs From The Land of Nod, none of us regret a thing.”

Today, Ghettoblaster has the distinct pleasure of sharing, “I Can’t Stop It,” which you can enjoy below.

Beechwood’s reissue of their first album, Trash Glamour, is out now for the first time on vinyl and CD via Alive Naturalsound Records. 

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