BBG Smokey Shares Single “Guidance”

Emerging over the last two years from Collingwood housing commission flats, the African-owned 66 Records is a young Melbourne Rap collective that looks to elevate and strengthen African diaspora voices in Australia. Now they have released their latest single “Guidance” from 18-year-old founding member BBG Smokey. The track sees the young African-Australian artist – also known as Sean Deng – demonstrate impeccable flow through his own unique nuanced delivery. 

“I made ‘Guidance’ when I was in pain; my brothers getting locked up, like my brother G Murda was locked up at that time. The current situation I face in life is when one brother goes in, another brother comes out; that’s the pattern, only if all my brothers was out at the same time. But “Guidance” is also about the people that betrayed me that I used to call my brothers. Anyways I’m now locked up so free me. #FREESMOKEY,” BBG says.

Guidance is released in accompaniment with an official video directed by Tim McCartney, who says:  “Directing “Guidance” I wanted to capture the life changing experiences I felt BBG Smokey was going through in his own life. His persona and music are full of pain and anger, but “Guidance” is just as much about faith and hope. Using a variety of locations and shots, I wanted to reflect this journey and BBG’s call for guidance on his path from the streets to a higher place.”

66 Records (Sixty Six Records aka Double 6) was born in the basement of a suburban housing project in Melbourne. Its members include teenage immigrants and refugees. Already known for their feverish live performances, this boutique hip-hop label and grassroots collective focuses on raising up young urban artists of minority ethnicities and are resolved to provide a space where artists can work towards futures beyond prejudice. With hostile media, racial targeting and police scrutiny focused on the label since their inception, the attention has only redoubled 66 Records’ resolve to elevate similar voices. 
Currently there are 6 signed artists on the roster. Each artist has their own distinct style – Grime, Trap, R&B – members grew up in France, the UK and North Africa.