Battles Share Single, "Fort Greene Park"

New York City art-rock icons Battles have shared a new song, the third offering from their forthcoming album Juice B Crypts, out this Friday, October 18th via Warp Records. “Fort Greene Park” is sprawling instrumental ripper, a perfect encapsulation of the Battles sound. Beginning with a beautiful, somber synth melody and building with a steady, controlled pace, the track sees a signature, wailing Ian Williams guitar riff perfectly complemented and amplified with John Stanier’s pounding, in the pocket groove on drums. From there, they slowly add more synth and guitar melodies while the drums continue to pound, ramping up the tension to a thrilling crescendo and emotive release. Fort Greene Park, an instrumental track that emits alternating beams of pitched energy that obfuscate and scramble your thoughts, goes to show that 4 albums into their run as Battles, the duo are still firmly in their own lane and masters of said lane.