B. Bravo’s “Believe featuring Chuck Inglish” Stimulator Jones Remix

The first remix from B. Bravo’s “Vizionz” LP is coming in hot by way of Stimulator Jones (Stones Throw), a masterful producer of laid-back funk, smooth R&B, & contemporary soul. Taking the last track on the album, “Believe,” the track is slowed down to a mellow, head nod jam, with Chuck Inglish’s (of The Cool Kids) rich baritone fitting right into the deep pocket of the trunk-rattling bass and drum lines. The chopped-up female vocal sample remains as the song’s chorus, but Stimulator Jones adds an extended vocoder outro from B.Bravo, turning “Believe” into a serious late-night cruiser. 
An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, vocalist, and songwriter, Stimulator Jones has built a loyal following with his series of releases on LA’s Stones Throw Records, including “Round Spiritual Ring,” his new album released in July, 2022.