Asphalt Graves share "No Feast (Without Cruelty)," ready LP for Vitriol

Counting down to the release of debut album The New Primitive, Asphalt Graves has premiered newest death-grind anthem “No Feast (Without Cruelty)”. The record is out July 8 on Vitriol Records.

Led by Jason Netherton of Misery Index, and formerly Dying Fetus, Asphalt Graves also features ex/current members of The Black Dahlia Murder, War Torn, and GWAR.
As displayed on “No Feast (Without Cruelty),” Asphalt Graves connects old and new, applying 2016 powerhouse metal chops to a sound built on the drive, swagger, and fun of early legends like Napalm Death, Carcass, and Repulsion.If you don’t feel something when Netherton intones “Here we go again” at the end of “No Feast,” you are already dead.
The New Primitive was recorded at various locations: Audio Schmaudio Studios, GWAR’s Slave Pit Studios, and Mindscape Studios. The album was mastered by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed.