Alewya Shares Honey Dijon Remix For “Sweating”

Alewya shares the Honey Dijon remix of her first official single “Sweating,” out now via Because London Records. The transcendent sounds of the multidisciplinary artist are met with Honey’s iconic signature style on “Sweating (Honey Dijon Remix),” which has taken shape as a summer-ready dancefloor hit. “Black Girl Magic at it’s finest. The future is female!” notes Honey Dijon.

The UK-based producer, singer-songwriter and artist released “Sweating” shortly after her recent feature on Little Simz’s track “where’s my lighter.” The melodies on “Sweating” are buoyed by future-facing productions, drawing influence from her African roots and UK club culture. Alewya notes, “It’s about feeling chemistry with someone but also about a female who is not afraid of her prowess and power. It’s a mood.” 

Growing up Alewya absorbed a wide range of musical influences from her diverse community in West London, and from her Egyptian father raised in Sudan and Ethiopian mother, acting as the foundations to her musical palette. Her ear for music was harnessed by the exported sounds of Ethiopian and Arabic devotional music from her parents, to the vibrations of ambient alternative rock music felt through the walls of her older brother’s bedroom, and from UK club culture as well as the Latinx scene in New York. 

Both her music and art are deep broodings through euphoria, heartache, melancholy, and back again. Alewya is challenging you to remember the last time you really felt connected. And as she finds the connections between disparate worlds, Alewya wants to make you feel, and make you dance.