Alewya Drops High Powered Single “Spirit_X”

London-based artist Alewya has released her new track “Spirit_X”, a mesmerising track indebted to the sounds and communal embrace of the rave. Drawing from the restless rhythms of drum and bass, “Spirit_X” moves at high speed, with Alewya’s vocals echoing the emotions of a heady night. Alongside this news, Alewya is proud to announce that she will be joining Little Simz on her December UK tour. 

Produced by Alewya, “Spirit_X” is a track of artistic growth and the product of a truly self-determined artist. Alewya draws upon this determination in her work as a visual artist, illustrator and sculptor which led to Love magazine including dubbing her as “this decade’s triple threat.” 

The video, directed by Alewya and Simon Lane, mirrors the inspiration behind the track. Alewya makes her way through disused tunnels, making her way to a hidden dancefloor. The video draws inspiration from classic rave era visuals, evoking memories of The Prodigy’s classic “Firestarter” video. 

Alewya says on “Spirit_X”: “I know that the rave can be utilized as ritual and ceremony to transform, uplift and energize a person. I love giving visceral experiences. I love drum and bass for that specific reason. ‘Spirit_X’ encompasses all of the above in my way.”

The release follows Alewya’s most recent single “Jagna,” a burst of powerful high BPM energy which has been supported by BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac. Alongside this, Alewya has been included in this year’s edition of the Dazed 100. The track is released via Because London Records – a new era of legendary label London Records now part of the Because Music Group.

In a time period that has taken away our connection from others, Alewya’s music serves as a powerful reminder of what we have lost and what we are soon to regain. “Spirit_X” continues this tradition and is a powerful display of a performer coming into their own. 

Photo Courtesy: Joseph Echenique