EP Stream: theLINE, Sour to Punker

Raucous Californian punk band theLINE started in the early 1990s and released four full-length studio albums to critical acclaim before they slowed down for work and families.

Ryan Immegart and co-founder Donald Horne continued writing music together while the band was on a break and then were later joined by bassist Collin Schlesinger and drummer Jonah Immegart to round out the new line-up. Immegart and Horne have been songwriting partners since high school and the band has only become more of a family affair with the new rhythm section since Jonah is Ryan’s son and Collin is practically his son-in-law. Sour To Punker, which hits the streets on October 23 via ImageArt Records, finds theLINE picking right up where they left off with anthemic choruses and dueling post hardcore guitar noodling. 

“Ultimately we are pushing to write music that is timeless. There’s no schtick. We’re building upon the experimental foundations of our past with an expansive energy.” says Ryan Immegart, adding “We’re here to break boundaries and genres that are all parts ’70s prog, ’80s punk, the art punk of the early ’90s and churn it into something unknown, unpredictable and completely un-shit, and still with meaty hooks that’ll rip right into you.”

Horne adds “Music it’s a great way to escape everything that sucks about all that’s going on. This record was made to be played loud.”

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(Photo by Gary Copeland)