EP Stream: Rainstorm Brother, Pt. 1

Rainstorm Brother is the elemental, post-rock-inflected, freakfolk of John Isaac Watters and Tyler Chester. The new duo’s sound is the marriage of solo artist (and former architect) Watters’ pensive, spare acoustic numbers and producer/keyboardist Chester’s deep, dreamy soundscapes. Together, they build impressive structures from immaterial forms—emotions, memories, sadness. The Los Angeles-based musicians are accompanied on their new EP, Pt. 1, by a host of musical cohorts including singer/guitarist Madison Cunningham (Verve Records, Live From Here with Chris Thile), guitarist/engineer Justin Stanley (Beck, Leonard Cohen) and drummer James Mcallister (The National, Sufjan Stevens). Through years of experimentation they’ve found a way to realize monumental architectural works in song; the compositions span epochs in three-to-five minutes while retaining the approachability of pop.
Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of streaming Pt. 1, which you can enjoy below: