Album Stream | DUG, ‘You Make Me Sad’

Legendary doom beings DUG follow up their instant classic Pain Machine by dosing the world in pure distilled malaise with follow up You Make Me Sad. To experience the band live is to watch the duo convert air into lead, and You Make Me Sad captures and presents the bleak and beautiful wells from which the band flows.

Austere and methodical in both songwriting and production philosophy, the album is presented with an unrelenting and maximalist impact. Completely saturated and bitter.

Opening the album with Mike Baillie’s sorrowful dirge vocals, and followed by a cold and isolated free form drum solo from Travis Kuhlman, “The Expiring Man” offers a solid prelude into the inescapable and cathartic distortions that are coming throughout the album. Jarring crescendos are followed by beautifully fluid segues and everything cycles right back into bleak sonic violence. Cold and methodical, yet sanguine and deeply human at every second of runtime. And it’s a loud album. Like, a real fuckin loud one.

You Make Me Sad, which was recorded and mixed by Elijah Deaton-Berg at Minnehaha Recording Studio with the assistance of Chris Parson in February 2023, and mastered by Kyle Spence, hits streaming platforms tomorrow. LPs ship in early October and can be purchased from The Ghost Is Clear Records h

Photo courtesy of DUG