Albums In The Stream: Mossbreaker, Transmission EP



Mossbreaker, a group of four charming young boys from Los Angeles who churn out fuzz-heavy post-hardcore/space rock in the vein of Hum, late Jawbox and Failure, recently signed to Glory Kid Ltd.

What Mossbreaker does is take a genre that lightly scratched the surface of radio waves in the mid-’90s and puts a youthful, modern punk spin on it. They crank out driving, bass-heavy songs with guitar tone that feels like it’s about to peel apart at any minute into a wall of noise, a constant drumming that’s so infectious you just have to move your head, and vocals that range from a soft coo to a sharp bite of angst with a mellow sing-song you would expect from a ’90s-influenced band. The lyrics make me want to know who hurt this guy. I wanna hold him…

Transmission EP is the band’s follow up effort to their debut 7″ single, “Separation Anxiety b/w Two Way Mirror”, that was released in 2013. This release delivers five tracks of well executed, pop-driven post-hardcore. Taking heavy influence from their mentors, Mossbreaker translates the very spirit of that sound for the modern age. Bringing the space rock phenomena that occurred in the ’90s back to the forefront of our consciousness, the effort is completely consuming and nostalgic. Mossbreaker resuscitates the feeling of a time where pop music and rock were in perfect harmonyt, and together the troupe is taking risks like none other before.
Originally this EP was self released digitally by the band. Now Glory Kid is proud to bring it to a proper physical release. Pressed on 100 colored cassettes, it comes with a full color j-card layout and a digital download card of the EP.

Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of streaming the EP today.  Listen to it below.

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Catch them live here:
5/22/15 Riverside, CA @ Bloodorange Infoshop w/New Ruin, Sophie, Vril
5/30/15 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/Superheaven, Diamond Youth, Rozwell Kid
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