Album Premiere: This Way To The EGRESS ‘RETROSPECTIVA!’

Sometimes there are groups that leave people, befuddled. Well, it’s 2020 so there really shouldn’t be anything that surprises anyone. You know, because 2020 will be the year we all remember. Where does this leave everyone with This Way To The EGRESS, the band out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? If you didn’t realize, it’s 2020 and it doesn’t matter where the group is left.

The band is 5-members strong and has been releasing music as early as 2011 and is quite unique in sound ‘n vision. To give everyone an idea, the quintet has shared stages with like-minded groups World/Inferno Friendship Society, The Squirrel Nut Zippers, as well as The Dresden Dolls, M.I.A., and The Specials. Now while This Way To The EGRESS may share influences with a few, they are far from a carbon copy of anyone. Sure the band can fall right in line for the Steampunk fan club but there’s much more to the band itself.

The group is on the cusp of releasing it’s 6th long-player, RETROSPECTIVA! which is, as the band says, “A modern journey through Tom Waits-esque folk-punk junkyards, esoteric worlds of vaudevillian juke joints and underground big band Great Gatsby parties.” Yes, that’s exactly it.

In anticipation of the release of RETROSPECTIVA! the band gives everyone an advanced listen before it drops this Friday, October 30, 2020. Yes, that would be Halloween eve 2020! Take a listen to the genre-fluid band’s new release, right now.

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