Album Premiere: Austin Texas Songwriter Victor Lovlorne Shares New Album

Music has the capability to alter one’s emotional state, to either shift into emotional bliss or deep resounding sorrow. Victor Lovlorne is fascinated by the beauty that can be found in the dark: the slow speed of night, the long silences between sounds, the heightened loneliness, the sense of loss, the fear of unforeseen terrors that reminds us of the blood-and-flesh animals we are. This Friday, July 20th, Lovlorne releases his self-titled album (Self-Sabotage Records.) Just his voice and the analog loop synth Korg Volca Keys, taking leads from Leonard Cohen, all the while moving at an almost snail’s pace, never allowing his songwriting to suffer, but allowing it to blossom to perfection.
In anticipation of the new album, Lovlorne premieres it today and all are able to preorder it here.

Album Track List:

01. A Cloud of You And Me
02. What’s Left of You
03. Your Shadow
04. Sangre
05. Don’t
06. Hideous Monster
07. Sound From the Throat
08. The Smell of Our Graves
09. Shining

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