New Music | Friday Roll Out: Doseone

Doseone – Even With Demons

Names, they’re important, and some carry more weight than others and so it goes. Life isn’t a popularity contest, although, through music, it’s cutthroat. Not for everyone though, the underground continues to swell in ranks with creative flows and rhythms, while always recognizing those that came before. Those that may not have received the accolades everyone knows is long overdue. We all press on.

As the years pass, Adam Drucker’s notoriety should surprise no one. At this point in his career, under his Doseone moniker, the emcee, producer, and poet has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. With multiple solo releases, and guest appearances, as well as being a part of A7pha, Clouddead, Themselves, 13 and God, Subtle, and more, the material released has stood the test of time. What’s left to do? Well, release new material of course. The Even With Demons EP (Handsmade Collective) marks a pivotal moment for Doseone, considering it’s his 50th release and possibly showcases some of his most realized work to date.

The abstract lyricist seemingly takes awkward strides throughout the pastiche of sound he’s created as backdrops of the compositions on the EP, but there’s nothing awkward about it for him. He finds his peace, he finds his rhythm, he finds his flow with ease. On the opening “Body Rock II,” his layered vocals give clear examples of the polyrhythmic complexities he’s able to provide. The sweet harmonies are offset by his raspy drawl, setting the scene for the uniqueness that follows. The space-aged sensibilities of “Trauma Armor” couples gritty musicality offering abstract lyricism with a storied delivery that takes on a life of its own offering. On the morose “Portable Fiction,” Doseone’s quick-tongued delivery rips through any and all barriers placed in its way. The music and lyricism is perfectly illustrated with his music taking steps to keep up appearances for the artist. His production isn’t something that should be ignored as the upbeat “Karma Armor” has much more bounce in its step and eschews any melancholia for something much more delightful. Through the six tracks here, you never know what it is exactly that you’re going to get. With “Gone Without,” no stone is left unturned as its melody is on overdrive. But it’s his quick-tongued enthusiasm over an assortment of layered tones that allows the track to find life where there was none. It’s a beautiful composition that never leaves room for a deep breath.

With just six songs, Even With Demons EP tickles the sense and leaves no question unanswered as to why or how Doseone has remained such a powerhouse in every aspect. While there is a limited amount of tracks on the release, we could have used more, although we can understand Doseone’s in-and-out ninja moves. But it’s the versatility that will hold your attention track after track. You won’t find Even With Demons on streaming services but only limited LP and cassettes. It’s powerful, it’s infectious, and no one should tell you any different. If they do, they’re wrong.

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