Antony and the Johnsons, Cut The World, Secretly Canadian

Cut The World

Either you get Antony Hegarty’s Klaus Nomi-meets-Marianne Faithfull schtick or you don’t, but even diehard fans will likely be underwhelmed by this symphonic live album that certainly does a great job of showcasing Antony’s otherworldly voice, but is often dreadfully dull. Antony warbles his way through most of the highlights of his discography, including fan favorites such as “I Fell In Love With a Dead Boy” and “You Are My Sister” (although Boy George’s vocals, which appeared on the original album version, are sorely missed). A rambling speech about patriarchy and the moon’s affects on behavior (“Future Feminism”) will no doubt excite young riot grrrls currently passing the hat to collect funds for Pussy Riot’s legal defense fund, but it mostly serves as the album’s key WTF? moment. For diehard fans only. (Secretly Canadian) by Jason Webber