Album Review: Xenia Rubinos, Magic Trix, Jaba Jaba Music

Magic Trix

I dunno. I really wanted to like this. Indie rock? Not sure. Latino flavor? Um… barely. Ok, so driving listening to Magic Trix in a car full of Puerto Ricans might not be the most suitable listening experience when “Ultima” comes on. While Xenia does some interesting vocal work, layering her tracks one on top of the other, almost beatboxing, when she begins singing “Yo soy la ultima” you want to ask “You’re the last what?” Singing those words almost seems to border on self-indulgence and repeating it over and over doesn’t help her case there. “Whirlwind” has an almost cooing effect that sounds really interesting but doing it through an entire 2 minutes and 8 seconds without anything else? The title track is probably the one saving grace but could use some trimming at just over 6 minutes. Yeah, the rest of the album sounds self-indulgent. I’m not sure where Xenia was trying to go pero mija, tienes que tratar lo otra ves. (Jaba Jaba Music) Eddie Ugarte