Album Review: Cricketbows, Communion


If you have been listening to Cricketbows for some time, you are cognizant of the band’s heavy psychedelic sound in their albums.  Well, you are in for a surprise once you start listening to Communion.  Don’t worry, faithful devotees.  The band has pieced together quite an album here.  Recorded straight on tape in an old barn in Ohio (which truly gives the tracks a distinct feel), Cricketbows chose to retool themselves with their latest release.  Male lead vocalist Chad Wells mentioned that the band wanted to show off their songwriting and vocals, which they succeeded in doing so.  Communion has a classic rural indie rock sound that is heavenly.  There’s an awesome guitar push towards the conclusion “End Of The Night” that’s vintage 70s (swoon).  As a fan of Cricketbows, I would like to hear more of this sound that they have landed on.  Then again, I would just about be okay with anything that they do, musically.  (Mosquito Hawk Records) by Tommy Johnson