Video Premiere | Cricketbows, ‘All The Way Down’

Midwestern psych/pop/rock band Cricketbows were included in the film soundtrack for new film 40-Love from comedy legend Fred Wolf. To celebrate, they’re premiering a video for the track, “All The Way Down.”

The film, 40-Love, was released theatrically and then onto streaming services in the Fall of 2021. The film was written and directed by Fred Wolf, a former SNL alumni and head writer who co-wrote and/or directed some of the biggest comedy hits of the last 30 years – including Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Joe Dirt (both the original AND the sequel), Dickie Roberts, Strange Wilderness, The House Bunny and Grown Ups (1 and 2). 

40-Love stars Jasjit Williams, Katerina Tannenbaum, Alena Savostikova and Tommy Flanagan with featured appearances by Patrick Warburton, Chris Kattan, Steve Schirripa and Colin Quinn. “All The Way Down” is featured prominently in the film.

Aarika Watson, the song’s lead vocalist said, “It’s this beautiful and sweet love story, comedy, road-trip, sports and mathematics roller coaster that peaks with a training montage that is soundtracked by almost our entire song. Our song is the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ sequence for this movie.”

In the film, a 22-year-old statistics whiz, named Beek, sets out on a cross country road trip to New York City with the hopes of convincing one of the world’s greatest tennis stars that he can help her defeat her most challenging rival in the upcoming U.S Open Tennis tournament. This road trip/romantic comedy follows his misadventures en route to and in the big city where Beek learns how to color outside the lines for the first time in his life.

“The song is about commitment and being all the way down to travel and all the way down to support the endeavors of your comrades to the utmost degree, always — and all the way” said Chad Wells, the band’s guitar player and chief songwriter and lyricist. “So, it feels really perfectly placed in the movie. We’re honored that our art was chosen to provide a color on the palette of another set of artists.”

“All The Way Down” was produced and engineered by Grammy winning Producer Brian Olive, best known for his work with The Greenhornes, Soledad Brothers and The Arcs (with fellow Grammy recipient Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys). It was featured on the Cricketbows 2015 album Diamonds. 

40-Love is Distributed by Gravitas Ventures, now streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and other streaming platforms.