AJJ Drops Two New Singles “Death Machine” & “White Ghosts”

AJJ will release Disposable Everything, their newest album and debut for Hopeless Records, on May 26, and today they share the latest taste of the album via two new singles, “Death Machine” and “White Ghosts.” “Death Machine” is a track that distills the current environmental and political crises into less than two minutes of jittery, feel-good, punk rock urgency in the way that only AJJ can, and the humorous and wry “White Ghosts” is its perfect complement.

AJJ on the two new videos: For the past several years, truck stops all across America have been selling these strange plastic skulls. You can find them over by the faerie/wizard snowglobes, right across from the knives that look like dragons. Our band has amassed a very well curated stable of these seemingly pointless death-tchotchkes. A favorite is one of Mark’s: a golden skull wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap that has a rhinestone skull & crossbones on it. That bad boy has a shitload of attitude. The very best of our respective truckstop skull collections are the stars of the video for our new song, ‘Death Machine.’ ‘White Ghosts’ also comes with a band-made video. We shot it with our phones, on a lark, live in the studio. Then Mark produced it, editing the footage together and subsequently mangling it with his analog video synthesizer. We’re really happy with how these videos came out and hope you enjoy them!”

Folk-punk legends AJJ is Sean Bonnette (guitar/vox), Ben Gallaty (bass), Preston Bryant (guitar/keys), Mark Glick (cello) and Kevin Higuchi (drums). They recorded Disposable Everything last year and it marks the first time the band went into the studio as a five-piece. The end result boasts apocalyptic themes and imagery like all the best AJJ records. But while it follows the outbreak of a pandemic and AJJ’s eerily prescient January 2020 album Good Luck Everybody, the new LP is less a prophesying mirror held to a burning world than one inspired by personal grief and about what happens when you reach the other side. In fact, it’s a vital, important and beautiful album that’ll make you feel better about everything while telling you just how terrible everything is at the same time. AJJ have previously shared the album’s title track Dissonance.”and “The Baby Panda.”

Photo Courtesy: Kyle Dehn