Oh No Remixes Planet Asia & DJ Concept's "Gold Vases"

West Coast rap stalwart Oh No proves why he’s one of the most consistently dope producers in the game with his equally funky and grimy remix of “Gold Vases by Planet Asia & DJ Concept.

While the original had a much more pensive, Boom bap sound, this version demonstrates just how much a proper remix can flip a track on its head. Oh No brought an entirely different level of funk and flavor to the track which now sounds like a low-key burner, equipped with a crunchy bassline and spaced out groove. It’s an addictive sound that brings another dose of replay value to an already dope song.

The remix stems from the forthcoming rerelease of Coalmine Records’ acclaimed Remineded project, which boasts a murderer’s row of producers remixing tracks from the label’s catalog. From Large Professor to Diamond D to The Audible Doctor, chances are one of your favorite producers appears on the compilation. And with Oh No now added to the mix, it’s clear that Coalmine isn’t resting on their laurels when it comes to working with some of Hip-Hop’s most talented artists.