Weezer Shares New Single, "Happy Hour"

They probably didn’t mean to do it but it happened. Weezer shares their new single, “Happy Hour.” Fans will probably expect a distorted guitar-driven rocker but instead will get a funky dance number that’s all that and a bag of potato chips. The track is propelled by Weezer’s rhythm section, bassist Scott Shriner and drummer Patrick Wilson, as guitars and keyboards are set to a wondrous backdrop here. Guitarist/vocalist Rivers Cuomo makes the most of it harmonizing with the rest of the band but when he belts out “I need happy hour for sad days!” you know the band has readied for this moment since the band’s inception. The track is off Weezer’s new album, Pacific Daydream, dropping on October 27th, 2017. Produced by Butch Walker, Pacific Daydream is the follow up to the critically acclaimed album Weezer (The White Album). If the single is any indication of what we should expect, I’ll be waiting on line, or rather, online, to pick one up just like everyone else.