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If you want to be swimming in millions of dollars, you got to be a hustler.  That means networking with the big dogs of the Fortune 500 companies, closing the deals that are presented to you, etc.  Now if you are one that wants to cut their teeth in making money the shortest way possibly-follow the blueprint that Company Man have laid out.  Since their early days of formulating their business plan to today-testimonials have been flowing in for those who have made millions after attending the group’s seminars and obtaining their CDs.

Alright-in all actuality, The Company Man aren’t in the business of making money.  Instead, they are comprised of members from Dayton, Ohio’s own Motel Beds and Me Time.  Together, Company Man provide harmonious vocals and old school rock influences to their tunes.

Today, Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere the video for “Floor Machine”.  The single is coming off of Company Man’s upcoming EP Endless Growth, which is slated for release on April 22nd.

(To visit:
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/companyman4life/
BANDCAMP: https://companymanrich.bandcamp.com/)

It’s been a decade since Shrug last released a new album, but that doesn’t mean the band of two decades and change has just been biding their time. When not not releasing albums as Shrug, the band’s members also play in The Motel Beds, Human Cannonball, and The Boxcar Suite.

Thankfully, their fifth full-length album proves to be worth the wait. Age of Ashes deftly mixes the band’s Midwestern sensibilities on songs that sound like a grittier Jayhawks… or maybe a pairing of Bob Seger and the Heartbreakers? That’s probably closer to the mark.

Premiered here is the band’s video for “Radio Madonna” directed by Ghettoblaster photography contributor, Jennifer Taylor.

Shrug will be performing Age of Ashes‘ release show on Saturday, June 11 at The Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton, Ohio.


Best Albums (in alpahbetical order):
Blackalicious – Imani Vol. 1
They’re back. Rejoice.


Circus Devils – Stomping Grounds
Circus Devils aren’t for everyone. So what?


Czarface – Every Hero Needs a Villian
Superheroes, beats and spitting.


Andy Gabbard – Fluff
Guitar, brah. Guitar.


Colleen Green – I Want to Grow Up
The soundtrack to being 30-something.


Mac McCaughan – Non-Believers
Portastatic, Superchunk, Go Back Snowball – whatever the name, I’m in if Mac’s in.


Motel Beds – Mind Glitter
Full disclosure: I work for them. Doesn’t change a thing.


High on Fire – Luminiferous
The time is nigh. Enter in.


Liturgy – The Ark Work
Amazing explorations in black metal.


Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
Devastatingly heavy while simultaneously beautiful.


Best Reissue: Leatherface – Razorblades and Asprin
These albums have all been out-of-print and prohibitively over-priced for too long.


Best Comic: Descender
Getting impatient waiting for the next issue of Saga? Descender is more then a stop-gap as Lemire remains one of the best writers working today.


Best Game: Mysterium
Like Clue for adults. If marketed correctly, this could reach Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne levels of popularity.


Best Show: Difficult People
Billy Eichner’s characters can seem so larger then life, it’s fun to see a more toned down version here. The casting is amazing and so is the writing. Hardly a misstep.


Best Podcast: We Watch Wrestling
Matt, Vince and Tom are equal parts ambassadors and sherpas into the world of professional wrestling. They’re really funny too. Sometimes the guys go pretty deep down the rabbit hole of explaining their last trip to PWG, but it’s understandable – seeing PWG live sounds incredible.

Motel Beds have announced the official release of These Are The Days Gone By, which hits streets on August 26. This album will be available online and in your favorite local record stores in CD and vinyl formats. The album is an electrifying collection of “hits,” remastered by Carl Saff (GBV, Dinosaur Jr., etc.). Read more about the albumon Misra Records’ page here and pre-order it on iTunes here.

See them live here:

07/25/14 Columbus, OH Double Happiness w/ WVWhite + Dreadful Yawns
07/26/14 Dayton, OH • Blind Bob’sw/ Dreadful Yawns + Manray 08/14/14 Toledo, OH • Ottawa Tavern w/ Nathan Roberts & the New Birds
08/15/14 Detroit, MI • New Way Barw/ The High Strung
08/16/14 Cleveland, OH • Beachland Tavern w/ Dreadful Yawns 08/22/14 Dayton, OH • Gilly’s • Rock n’ Roll Revue
08/29/14 Champaign, IL • Mike ‘N’ Molly’s
08/30/14 Rock Island, IL • Daytrotter 08/30/14 Chicago, IL • Empty Bottle w/ Dead Rider
08/31/14 Manchester, IN • Fire House
09/12/14 Huntington, WV • V Club
09/13/14 Pittsburgh, PA • Smiling Moose
09/14/14 Youngstown, OH • Historian Session
09/26/14 New Bremen, OH • New Bremen Festival
09/27/14 Cincinnati, OH • Midpoint Music Festival
10/03/14 Indianapolis, IN • The Hi-Fi
10/04/14 Dayton, OH • 10th Annual Dayton Music Festival 10/11/14 St. Louis, MO • Plush
10/24/14 Cleveland, OH • Happy Dog
10/31/14 Dayton, OH • Blind Bob’s Halloween Bash w/ Hex Net 11/01/14 Athens, OH • Halloween Show w/ Hex Net

Motel Beds are a rock and roll band from Dayton, Ohioa delightfully detached underdog city nestled in the heart of The Heartland. Seasoned veterans, Beds have worked alongside local advocates Kelley Deal (Deal duets on the lusciously hushed “Tropics of the Sand”) and Robert Pollard (guitarist Derl Robbins has recorded Guided By Voices). Allies aside, when it comes to rock and roll, Motel Beds speak for themselves.

These Are the Days Gone By, the band’s forthcoming LP, reveals the fruits of Beds’ labor these latter years. The album is an electrifying collection of “hits,” remastered by Carl Saff (GBV, Dinosaur Jr., etc.) and featuring added bass parts by new(est) member and local ace Tod Weidner.

True to Dayton (see GBV’s Propeller), the first 500 LPs are all one-of-a-kind. Each cover was individually hand-painted by the artists at We Care Arts: a non-profit dedicated to “changing disabilities into possibilities.” A portion of the proceeds from these first 500 will go to benefit WCA.

Here are the details of the LP release show on January 18 in Dayton:



Motel Beds*

Smug Brothers

Good English

*In conjunction with We Care Arts & Misra Records

>>> BUY TICKETS HERE: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/546766
NOTE: price slightly higher at door, so do purchase early.


Soft, limited release of “These are the Days Gone By”**
500 LP covers hand-painted by the artists at We Care Arts
Portion of proceeds to benefit We Care Arts


Yellow Cab
700 E. Fourth St.
Dayton, OH 45402


Saturday January 18, 2014
Doors @ 7 PM
Show starts @ 8 PM sharp

Brain Candy have reissued the Motel Beds’ out-of-print album Sunfried Dreams making it available for vinyl for the first time. The official release is on July 27 at Blind Bob’s in Dayton, the band’s hometown.

All of their releases are available through their Bandcamp page as pay-what-you-want digital downloads. There are also physical disc copies of Feelings and Dumb Gold available as well as the vinyl version of Tango Boys.

Downtown Revival – Saturday & Sunday, September 8-9 in Dayton, OH
By David C. Obenour

As Ghettoblaster’s editor, I am proud to choose to be based out of Dayton, Ohio. Not New York City, not Los Angeles, not Chicago and not even Cleveland – no disrespect to any of those places, two of which I’ve lived in – but I’m happy here.

You may think you know about my hometown from what you read about the Wright brothers in middle school history books or the Dayton Peace Accords in high school history books, but there’s a lot more. There’s funk, there’s rock, there’s soul and most importantly, there’s an innovative spirit that lives on to this day. The Downtown Revival’s organizer, Matt Luongo sought to bring all of this together right in the heart of the downtown Dayton to show everyone and by in large, he succeeded at it.

Starting out Saturday, there were a number of lesser-known local acts scheduled as the volunteers and organizers worked through the kinks and final preparations that come from a first year festival set in a non-traditional location. Wheels is definitely one you should be hearing of soon. The gimmick is that most of them aren’t old enough to drive, but the follow through is that they play an incredibly infectious and melodic new generation of Americana. The Motel Beds are another gaining momentum with a sound that harkens back to the eclectic lofi rock sound of Brainiac, The Breeders and Guided by Voices that once got Dayton dubbed, “the next Seattle” by Spin Magazine. Full disclosure: I’m actually helping these guys for their next album. Doubly full disclosure: I’m doing so because they fucking rock.

Motel Beds

With everything more or less in order at the festival, the stage was literally and figuratively set for a band that’s put Dayton on the map for over the last two decades for many fans worldwide. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect and Guided by Voices were firing on all cylinders, playing in front of what was probably their largest hometown audience since X-Fest at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in 1999. Though known for their marathon performances, the roughly hour and a half festival slot saw the band tearing through a number of songs from their four new albums along with a smattering of old classics, including the first post-reunion performance of “If We Wait.” Yup, that’s pre the “classic era,” so apparently all of the songbooks are open and fair game. Looks like I’ll be needing to buy some more GBV tickets in the near future.


After that it was a short drunken stumble over to the backside of the throng that had gathered to see neighboring Springfield, Ohio native John Legend. Now I’ve never really listened to much of Legend’s music and what I have heard I respect but don’t really get into. That all might change after seeing the amount of soul he poured into his headlining performance. For as much as you can tell about a performer from being 150 feet back, Legend seems like a remarkably genuine dude with a lot of love from where he’s from.

John Legend
John Legend

Starting day two off with a talented ex-pat, The Heartless Bastards were another stand out from the weekend. Though now based in Austin, the band still has a loyal following of friends and family here, the latter of which were easy to pick out with their white hair and band t-shirts tucked into pleated khakis. God bless supportive moms, dads and grandparents. Odds are good that you’re fairly familiar with the band given their success, but if you haven’t caught them live yet you’re really missing out. The dusty Americana can get pretty damn rocking.

Heartless Bastards

After their set, as a true Ohioan, I took a brief break to watch the Browns lose in the most frustrating way possible. Probably a bad choice, but it’s too longstanding of a masochistic ritual to break now.

Another great local act, The Buffalo Killers quickly cast off the post-game blues. Once hand-picked by The Black Crowes as an opener, what you get is a mix of Neil Young, The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd as interpreted by much younger hearts and hands.

Buffalo Killers

I was looking forward to seeing The Ohio Players ever since they were announced, but I didn’t really think anything could come close to Guided by Voices’ set on Saturday. Even as a rabid Bob fan though, there was no denying it’d be hard to pick a favorite between these two. Ripping through decades of hits including “I want to be Free,” “Fire,” and “Love Rollercoaster,” forty years past their heyday, The Ohio Players are funkier than all y’all. Here’s hoping future Revivals can draw from some of the other acts from Dayton’s funk past, including Zapp & Roger, Heatwave, Faze-O, Sun, Slave, Lakeside, Dayton… the list goes on.

Ohio Players
Ohio Players

After The Ohio Players, The Revival still had performances left from Train and Robert Randolph, but my festival was complete. It had featured some of my city’s best music from the past, present and still-to-come. Thanks for the good times!

Motel Beds

When I found out that Motel Beds, a quintet who are quickly becoming the pride of Dayton, Ohio, were playing the second annual Cyclops Fest in Yellow Springs, Ohio on September 15, I was stoked.  Not only have several of the members of the bands been longtime friends of mine, but the band’s recent Tango Boys and Sunfried Dreams records stand tall as two of the finest records ever turned out by a group of Daytonians.   For those not already in the know, Motel Beds possess a finely-tuned understanding of pop and arena rock that leaves them poised to delight audiophiles and position the band as Southwestern Ohio’s answer to 60s and 70s rock powerhouses. 

Ghettoblaster recently caught up with drummer Ian Kaplan who told us about the band’s forthcoming record, tour plans, and participation in Cyclops Fest, as well as the Dayton Dayton Revival Festival.  Here’s what he told us…

For those who haven’t seen Motel Beds, how do you describe your sound?

We, of course, think we sound like a choir of angels.. sweaty, hairy angels. However, I have been told that we sound like The Who, The Beatles, Link Wray, Guided by Voices, The Beach Boys, Big Star, Elliott Smith and The (Male) Supremes. I hope this helps.

Who do you believe your musical contemporaries are?

That’s a really good question… robthebank, Human Cannonball, Buffalo KIllers, The High Strung, Southeast Engine…

You guys have collaborated with Brian Johnson, one of the organizers of Cyclops Fest in the past, right?  What kind of work have you done with him?

We can’t say enough good stuff about Brian. He helped us out by doing live screen printing of our most recent t-shirt design at the release show for our third album, Tango Boys. Since then, Brian offered to cart our gear down to Austin for our SXSW gig and, while there, do live screen printing for our record label’s showcase show. Again, he’s fantastic.

Did that relationship yield your participation in the forthcoming Cyclops Festival?

Definitely. Brian asked us to perform and we couldn’t say no. He’s done a lot of work to help us out and we felt that playing Cyclops Festival was a great way to show him our appreciation.

What is it about the spirit of the event that encouraged your participation?

The fact that the festival provides a forum for local businesses to sell their goods is reason enough.

Motel Beds

What do MB have planned for your set at the event?

It’s a secret.. but it probably involves playing our songs.

Can we expect to hear any of those delightful covers you sent to your e-mail mailing list last year?

Again, top secret, if I told you, I would have to be killed.

2011 was a flagship year for the beds with you guys releasing two albums almost back to back.  So far this year you’ve released a tape and been to South By Southwest.  What is next for you guys?

Well, we just finished our latest record, Dumb Gold, which should be out in late fall/early winter 2012. We plan on doing a support tour as well as some festival appearances at Midpoint Music Festival and CMJ in October, among other awesome shows.”

You’ll also be performing the Dayton Revival Festival, correct?  Are festival performances complementary or contrary to the Motel Beds sound or m.o.?

Yes, we are and we couldn’t be more excited. I think that every performance stands on its own and as long as we keep doing what we do best, it’ll be quite complementary.

(For more information on Motel Beds, visit the following:




The new Ghettoblaster mixtape is here! With print issue 28 hitting the streets we wanted to pass along some music for the artists covered in the magazine. Say goodbye to the old and bring in the new! We’ve got some good shit for you guys this time around, as usual. Check out the full mix listing below and go download it on the mixtape page.

1. Asva – “New World Order Rising”
2. Barn Owl – “Turiya”
3. Bye,Confiserie – “Bye City”
4. Crystal Antlers – “Summer Solstice”
5. Cymbals Eat Guitars – “Keep Me Waiting”
6. EdO.G – “Dummies (remix)”
7. Fly Union – “Who You Wit”
8. Grieves – “On The Rocks”
9. Headnodic – “Movin On Up (feat. Latyrx & Kat ((010)))”
10. Mayer Hawthorne – “A Long Time”
11. Motel Beds – “Western Son”
12. Night Birds – “Landfill Land”
13. No Surrender – “Give It Up”
14. Olde Growth – “The Grand Illusion”
15. Oneida – “Horizon (edit)”
16. Red Sun – “Crash of Rhinos”
17. Street Eaters – “Ashby and Shattuck”
18. Tommy Keene – “Deep Six Saturday”
19. Twin Sister – “Bad Street”
20. Wiley – “Numbers In Action”
21. You Bred Raptors? – “Magellan”