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Baby Guru have shared a short film for “Tell Me What You’re Made of”, the opening track off their forthcoming album IV.  Directed by Greek filmmaker/singer-songwriter The Boy, the video follows the story a mother and her daughters as work through life in their apartment, alienated protagonists and a pervasive critique of the family.  The six minute film belongs to the to the Greek weird movement.

Baby Guru’s  IV will be released via Inner Ear Records on April 7.

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Following the release of their third album Marginalia in 2014 and the 2015 release Sunshine Special, the Athens, Greece quartet Baby Guru voyaged onwards to focus on their individual endeavors.  Singer Prins Obi and drummer King Elephant released their own solo efforts.  Bassist Sir Kosmiche produced Congo’s own Molimo debut album and joined the psych-rock group Chickn.

The four childhood friends have now unified once again and are about to release the forthcoming album IV, out on April 7th via Inner Ear Records.  With IV, Baby Guru have found themselves pushing the boundaries of their music; focusing on spontaneity and unexpected inspiration.  Baby Guru’s obsession with the kraut rock legacy, pop melodies, psychedelic music and mama Africa percussion experiments continue to drive the band’s worldly sound.  Feelings and thoughts on their everyday struggles, romance, and the illusions of fame present a richness to Baby Guru’s lyrics.

Enjoy the first single from IV “Tell Me What You’re Made Of”:

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After a lengthy two-year break, Greek psych-duo, The Noise Figures have finally released their sophomore LP, titled Aphelion, via Inner Ear Records.

Aphelion Album Stream:

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The Noise Figures second full-length album, Aphelion was recorded live in five days, on a reel-to-reel tape machine, with vintage gear and tuned to A=432Hz know as Pythagorean tuning-the frequency of Cosmic Pitchfork, produced and sound engineered by Alex Bolpasis in Artracks Studios.

Turned their amps all the way up, set their fuzz pedals on obliterate, and commenced to answer the question of what happens when you combine the bacchanal lust of Black Sabbath, the raw energy of Death from Above 1979 together with the guitar-fuzz of Black Angels. Bastardized blues scales with simple chords and patterns squeezing them into a tightly wound mass of fuzz and force.

The Noise figures have shared the stage with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Japanroids, The Growlers, Dead Meadow, No Age, Sonic Jesus, Sylvain Sylvain, earning the reputation as a captivating live band.

Greek five piece band My Drunken Haze are based out of Athens in the Mesogia area and make ’60s psych-tinged melodies with fiery pop flourishes. Their self-titled debut album, released by Inner Ear Records dropped on Novembe 3.

Produced by King Elephant, best known as the drummer of Baby Guru. An album starring the character of a woman in search of love, longing, separation and redemption, set against a backdrop of daydreaming, drugs and the hot sand of a summer beach.

My Drunken Haze formed in the spring of 2010 by guitarist-songwriter and Spir Frelini, as an endeavor to reconcile neo-psychedelic music with the 60’s garage guitar sound. In 2011 guitarist Harry Kane joined the band, while in 2012 they found the ethereal singer, Matina Sous Peau. The rhythm section was staffed with Nick Zoura on the drums and Costa Gunn on bass.