Baby Guru Shares Single "Tell Me What You're Made Of"

Following the release of their third album Marginalia in 2014 and the 2015 release Sunshine Special, the Athens, Greece quartet Baby Guru voyaged onwards to focus on their individual endeavors.  Singer Prins Obi and drummer King Elephant released their own solo efforts.  Bassist Sir Kosmiche produced Congo’s own Molimo debut album and joined the psych-rock group Chickn.
The four childhood friends have now unified once again and are about to release the forthcoming album IV, out on April 7th via Inner Ear Records.  With IV, Baby Guru have found themselves pushing the boundaries of their music; focusing on spontaneity and unexpected inspiration.  Baby Guru’s obsession with the kraut rock legacy, pop melodies, psychedelic music and mama Africa percussion experiments continue to drive the band’s worldly sound.  Feelings and thoughts on their everyday struggles, romance, and the illusions of fame present a richness to Baby Guru’s lyrics.
Enjoy the first single from IV “Tell Me What You’re Made Of”:

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