ZZ Ward Shares “On One,” Announces New Album

ZZ Ward, the edgy, blues-inspired artist known for her unique blend of hip-hop, pop, R&B, neo-soul, and rock, has announced ‘Dirty Shine,’ her first album as an independent artist, slated for release on September 8th via her own Dirty Shine Records. A cinematic 11-song album, spilling over with an intoxicating cocktail of bold electronic textures, rugged hip-hop beats, fierce rhymes and pop hooks, acoustic Delta blues riffs, sensual R&B singing, and juke joint harmonica, ‘Dirty Shine’ represents a new chapter in ZZ’s career, as she embraces life as a new mother and removes the constraints of the major label system. The album embodies the creative freedom she now enjoys and draws on the strength and determination she’s found through motherhood.

To celebrate the announcement, ZZ has released a music video for the album’s latest single “On One.” Featuring artist, musician, and filmmaker Jean Deaux, the single boasts driving hip-hop grooves and an empowering message inspired by being a new parent. “People think being a mother makes you weak, but this song is about how it’s emboldened me,” ZZ says. Enjoying an outpouring of creativity, ZZ has been partnering with her filmmaker brother Adam Ward (Parole OfficersBad Advice) to create ambitious mini-movies for her songs, bringing her high-concept, action-packed cinematic fantasies to life that blur the lines between music and film. Featuring choreography, stunning visuals, and makeup and visual effects by the renowned artist Jay Q, the new music video for “On One” is part two of a mini-movie that explores a done-wrong Zombie-Western love story, the follow-up to the music video for “Forget About Us.”