YVETTE Shares Video “For A Moment”

New York act YVETTE readies its second LP, How the Garden Grows (Western Vinyl) set to be released on September 17, 2021. It’s been 8 years since YVETTE has released new material and in anticipation of the album’s release, the band has shared the new video for the single, “For A Moment.” The song is deceptive, opening with a softly strummed guitar and singer/guitarist Noah Kardos-Fein’s tender vocal delivery before quickly bursting with a frantic rhythm that’s juxtaposed against both Fein’s soothing guitar and vocals. The video itself is a colorful palette of oceanic calmness.

Of the single, Fein offers, “I was mindlessly playing chords through a pitch shifter, and then a goofy drumbeat came through, and I laughed at how mainstream and pop-oriented it all sounded, so I began facetiously singing a vocal line I thought would match this fake pop track. When I stopped, I realized I’d actually stumbled on something catchy, melancholy, and kind of weird. It became a song about taking a chance.”