Xiu Xiu Shares For “OH NO,” Title Track Of Its latest Album

Xiu Xiu shares the video for the title track of OH NO , the all-star album of duets released on March 26 by Polyvinyl .

The hilarious compilation of various “fail” videos was put together by the band. As Jamie Stewart puts it: “While recording bass parts for the song ‘Oh No’ (feat. the venerable Susanne Sachsse) with Greg Saunier and Jherek Bischoff they both kept making jokes about how the perfect video for it would be clips of people slipping on banana peels. Obviously this is a good idea. However, to my surprise there really are not that many. Numerous other fail videos come up instead. Do not drive your truck on a frozen lake, drink from a lake inhabited by crocodiles if you are a cheetah, do not do ANYTHING at all if you are under the age of 3 .”

According to Stewart, OH NO was born from betrayal but now exists thanks to the “profound rediscovery of community and friendship.” It features collaborations with a wide plethora of artists including Sharon Van Etten, Chelsea Wolfe , Alice Bag, Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux, Owen Pallett, Twin Shadow , along with members of Deerhoof , Drab Majesty , Liars , Shearwater , and many more.

“The guest stars of OH NO reflect the types of people, and many of the very same, who helped remind me that the ratio of beautiful humans to shitty humans is more like 60/40 rather than what I have always assumed was 1/99,” says Jamie Stewart. “Although there is an ‘I HATE PEOPLE’ pin on my guitar strap, I hate them less now.” His revelation, and the music that has come out of it, is a reminder of the power of Xiu Xiu’s music to surprise and connect. Listening to the songs on OH NO, it is hard to feel truly alone. Instead, it is a reminder that even when we’re alone, we’re alone together.