Xenia Rubinos Shares New Single/Video “Did My Best”

As Xenia Rubinos prepares her new album which is yet to be announced, teasing a new song along the way, today she releases the video for the new single, “Did My Best.” On the track, Rubinos takes a different approach to recording, with a treated vocal delivery over synths and lyrics, well, more of an ode to a friend, or a melancholic letter of apology.

Rubinos offers: “I wrote the song and video treatment simultaneously, they are my own act of psychomagic – healing through artistic ritual. We recorded this song a year ago during lockdown and shot the video under the first full moon of 2021 on the coldest night of the year. This is a song about a sudden loss and wishing to see this person you never got to say goodbye to again, I remember the moment when I felt I was done singing, it’s like when you cry so hard you forget why you were crying in the first place. As we listened back, the hairs on my arms and legs stood straight up, I felt my face getting hot. I suddenly felt that old familiar feeling. In that moment, in the basement during an eerie quarantine night of fireworks and ambulance sirens, I suddenly remembered why I sing.”