Work Party Shares Video “Real Charmer”

Would it be fair to note that Chicago’s Work Party doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thought of the band? For the most part, it seems there is truth in that question as the group members, guitarist Grant Craig, brothers Tristan Widloe (vocals), and Justin Widloe (bass), have honed their individual skills coming out of the freneticism of the defunct War Brides. Although, after the band’s demise in 2019, with the addition of (drummer) Brandon Syph, the approach isn’t as abrasive, while keeping hold of its post-punk hardcore style. That may be left to interpretation though as some may not agree.

The Chicago quintet’s sound may show some familiarity considering the musical lineage it follows is quite lengthy, and the band picks where everyone else seems to have left off, breathing new life into a sound that’s all but forgotten. Work Party is set to release its debut full-length, My Best Days Are Behind Me (Triple Eye Industries), this coming October 1, 2021, already releasing three singles in the wake of the news. The band delivers the video for the new single “Real Charmer,” and yes, the band doubles down, without a care of what anyone thinks of them. Repetitive rhythms are accentuated by Tristan Widloe’s no-nonsense sung-spoken lyrics as guitarist Grant Craig has his hands wrapped around his instrument. Visually speaking, the band gets into a maniacal food fight as they eat, spit-up, and toss a variety of items at one another. Yeah, no fucks given.

Pre-orders are available here.