WHY? Shares “G-dzillah G’dolah”

WHY?’s Yoni Wolf has written one of his prettiest bridges in his latest single “G-dzillah G’dolah,” the second track previewing his forthcoming album The Well I Fell Into, out August 2, 2024. Co-produced with Brian Joseph (Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver) at Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s Hive Studio, and with instrumental assist on this song from Gia Margaret (guitar/synths), the at once minimalist and lush ballad imagines the anxiety of reconciliation through a metaphoric Godzilla, observed from thirty thousand feet up.

“On this album, I’m very interested in classic songwriting,” explains Wolf, who also enlisted a cast of collaborators to flesh out these recordings, including Margaret, Finom’s Macie Stewart, Lala Lala’s Lillie West (who he has produced for), Ada Lea, and Serengeti. “I want my songs to be able to be played unadorned by just one person and still hold up. Any production frills should only serve to elevate the song further without being relied upon to tell the story.”