WHORES. Shares “Quitter’s Fight Song,” Announces New Album

In the wake of RUINERCLEAN, and GOLD Atlanta noise juggernauts WHORES. return with a fierce new LP WAR., which sees release via The Ghost Is Clear Records on April 16. Pre-order it here. This album brings American muscle to drown out the “American Dream” as it careens into the ditch. Brazen rhythms, serpentine riffs, walls of feedback, and howls of contempt — the band is as rowdy and boisterous as it is anxious and savage. WAR. offers 10 tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Boesch (Fu Manchu, Helmet, Melvins) at Candor Recording.

“It’s difficult to put into words how excited we are to get this record released,” the band say. “Once again, Ryan Boesch knocked it out of the park. He’s basically a member of our band at this point.”

WHORES. offer the first glimpse of the new album with the video for “Quitter’s Fight Song,” which was conceived, shot (at X-Ray FM in Portland), and edited by Whitey McConnaughy (Red Fang, OFF!, Superchunk, ZZ Top, Mudhoney) and featuring members of Red Fang, Gaytheist and Help. “A massive thank you to Whitey McConnaughy for making this video happen top to bottom purely out of his love for our band. It means a whole lot.”