Video Premiere | Wonky Tonk “Box Of My Love”

It’s no surprise the ground Kentucky’s Wonky Tonk travels is one of her own making, literally to the beat of her own drum. The world is in the midst of rediscovering Wonky Tonk after being stuck in Ecuador the day before it went on complete pandemic shutdown. Now Wonky Tonk is set to release the new Breaking Patterns (Grace & Grit Records) on November 23, 2022, an album produced by Cincinnati beatmaker/multi-instrumentalist Juan Cosby. The two are no strangers to one another, working together a decade ago releasing SuperHolyFantastic & Hippie Dirt (Business and Pleazure).

In anticipation of the new album, Wonky Tonk moves in a world of discovery with the video for the single “Box Of My Love” where she ventures off, singing karaoke with other bar patrons. They sing along to the disjointed psych rock filled with odd melodies and spacey effects.

Of the single/album, Wonky Tonk offers, “I really like it, Very trippy. It sounds very modern without sounding boring or repetitive like a lot of music using modern techniques. This album sounds like you have on foot firmly planted in your roots and the other stepping way out into the future.”