Video Premiere: Tripoli Boys “Tron”

Brooklyn’s Tripoli Boys have set things in motion for a futuristic, yet nostalgic, trippy psychosis where reality is warped and stripped down to its binary essence. The duo – Paul Michel (vocals, guitar, production) and Pat Gerasia (drums) – first met while touring with their respective bands/projects; Paul with Record Heat (FKA Spirit Animal), and Pat with The Violent (FKA Red Sun Rising). It seems the musical fluidity between the artists was strong enough for a collaboration and thus Tripoli Boys was born! Culling the name in part due to Michel’s birthplace of Tripoli, Libya, and also due to the resilience he saw in a picture taken during the Libyan Revolution of boys playing soccer while cars burned behind them. The juxtaposition wasn’t missed.

The Tripoli Boys share its first single with the video treatment to the song “Tron,” filled with analog synth, crazed sub-bass, and feverish, yet balanced drums.

Of the song, Paul Michel offers,  “It’s anti-capitalist, and more specifically about the masochistic way we keep spinning our wheels in a system that makes us decidedly unhappy.” However, I named it ‘Tron’ because that’s what those 80s arpeggiated synths that run throughout the song reminded me of.”

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